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Dianne Anderson has 20+ years of fitness experience, including The Firm, Barre, Cardio Sculpt, High Intensity Interval Training, Core, Stretch, and Senior-focused methodologies. She gathered a large following through training & instructing at The Firm, Mt. Pleasant Aerobics & Fitness, Eco Fitness, Crunch, Pivotal, and Gold's Gym. She now offers her methods in a virtual setting via Google Meet.

The Jag Athleisure brand offers quality apparel from carefully selected suppliers, informed by Dianne's experience as a fashion buyer & designer before & during her fitness career. Jag Athleisure is a one stop shop for apparel, fitness, and within the class setting, mindfulness /meditation.


Client Success Spotlight

Jag Athleisure

"Fitness Meets Fashion"

SCORE  Charleston, SC

Dianne shares, "Jag Athleisure offers luxury performance fitness apparel at half the retail price of industry related competition. My vast experience in fitness, fashion, sourcing, and research has allowed me to find superior quality fabrics and skilled manufacturers. As the sole business owner, I have no middlemen enabling me to pass savings to my customers. With regard to my classes, I offer a wide variety for all interests including Barre, Body Challenge Burn (FIRM methodology), CORE & Stretch, Meditation, and Refresh/Rejuvenate while emphasizing the importance of staying present, listening to one's body, and breath work."
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Fit Club Schedule

Time to Break in That New Apparel...

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Mondays 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET

Strong. Long. Sleek. This class is a unique fusion of Body Challenge and Barre. A combination of precise barre technique and high-performance athleticism. Targets core, cardio, strength and alignment for the ultimate caloric output, while also increasing metabolic rate. 60 minutes. All levels welcome.

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Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 11:15am - 12:00 pm ET

Core exercises target and strengthen the abs and back. Controlled breathing techniques, stretching and flexibility exercises reboot the body and mind to a higher level. 45 minutes. All levels welcome.

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Tuesday & Thursday(BC Burn 2) 10 am - 11 am ET

Body Challenge Burn-This class combines dynamic strength with cardio and core work. Proven methodology for building fat-burning body mass and increasing metabolism. Interval training choreography. 60 minutes. All levels welcome.
BC Burn 2-This class combines dynamic strength with cardio and core work. BC BURN2 adds short bursts of HIIT between strength training sets.Proven methodology to maintaining your fat-burning body mass and an increased metabolism. Interval training choreography. 60 minutes. All levels welcome.

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Wednesday 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET

This class integrates a sequence of dynamic exercises at a vigorous pace designed to shape and lean your entire body with long-term postural benefits. Using a barre (chair), the workout will lift your seat, tone your thighs, increase your flexibility and burn away fat in record time. Closes with a short stretch and meditation. 60 minutes. All levels welcome.

Core Exercise


Friday 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET

This class integrates a sequence of non-impact and optional high-impact exercises at a vigorous pace, designed to shape and lean your entire body with long-term postural benefits. Using a barre (chair), the workout will lift your seat, tone your thighs, increase your flexibility and burn away fat in record time. Closes with a short stretch and meditation. 60 minutes. All levels welcome.

Yoga Man Namaste


Tuesday @ 11:15 am ET

Feeling stressed or anxious? Need a break from your ticker tape mind. Join me for this 30 minute pattern reset. We will practice releasing tension, gentle stretching and breath work. The intention is to connect with inner light, and wisdom. Finding a space of grace and peace. With routine practice, this promotes living in the moment in an empowered energy that reduces fear and anxiety. BE PRESENT.

Back Stretch


Thursday @ 11:15 am ET

Are you feeling tension or tightness in your body? Have you experienced back or knee problems? Would you like to work on posture and alignment? This flow class will gently stretch the connective muscle groups, while releasing tension in the joints. We will work on increasing flexibility and experiencing an improved freedom of movement. With routine practice, the overall benefits can be life changing for daily activity.

Squat Workout


Monday @12:15 pm ET

Do you want to sculpt your booty and thighs? This 30 minute class targets the glutes, inner/outer thighs and hips. Targeted exercises work to burn fat and develop lean, lifted muscle. With routine practice you will see noticeable results. Results include renewed confidence and 
overall sense of wellness.


About Us

The Jag Edge

My focus is quality exercise classes and quality athleisure apparel. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. I instruct a variety of fitness levels relative to the client's needs with modifications for any injuries or concerns.

My intention is to engage mind, body and spirit in all of my classes. My clients feel more centered, positive and present after each session. In addition, they become healthier and more encouraged to continue making positive changes to their body and overall health. My goal is to help people overcome injuries and feel better in their bodies.

Jag apparel is a collection of fashionable and functional exercise-streetwear apparel. We source premiere fabrics at the best prices in performance and active apparel. Jag is edgy, functional and polished. We love hearing the creative ideas of our customers when designing new collections!


"Absolutely love the leggings and tops— I own 4 pairs of leggings and practically live in them. The clothes are perfect for in the gym to the streets... and you look and feel good in them! The quality is amazing and the price is right too! Thank you!"

-Rachel Phillips

"Superior product at affordable price. The cutting edge of workout to street wear👌🏻"

-Valerie Gross

"Friends: Check out leggings by Dianne Anderson. Best leggings I have purchased in a long time. DM me if you want to hear more or DM Dianne to purchase her Jag gear. Don’t judge but tomorrow will be the 3rd day I wear them."

-Meredith Flesner

"Excellent quality product unlike anything I’ve ever found in other retail settings. Softest “hold you in” leggings I’ve ever owned!"

-Joanne Ford

"Dianne's Barre classes are an amazing, challenging and fun workout. She leads you through a series of targeted, small movements that produce the best type of burn!"

-Brooke Phillips

"I am a 64-year old English professor and spend most of my time at the computer grading essays all day and often into the night. Although I exercised regularly in my youth and middle age, as I grew older, I found that the demands of my job became too overwhelming to continue to go to the gym and work out daily. The pounds came on, and I faced the threat of diabetes and other obesity- related diseases. I despaired at ever getting back to exercise as I was often assigned 8 o'clock classes, leaving me not enough time to get to the gym, exercise, shower, and get to class on time. 
I was so busy helping my students that I neglected to help myself. Then came the pandemic and online classes. To my great delight, I discovered Dianne's exercise class. Decades ago, I had the privilege of having Dianne as an instructor at The Firm, so I knew she was a terrific teacher. I got out my old mat and weights and began to do her exercise class 5 days a week. At first, I could hardly keep up, but Dianne encouraged each participant to do the exercise at the rate and in the format that was available to him or her. I did not have to spend time driving to the gym or risk the chance of contracting COVID 19. I could just turn on the computer, click the link provided, and my office became the gym.
I cannot say the classes are easy. In fact, they are quite challenging. I will say that they have been the answer to a prayer. I thought I would never be able to have the willpower or the motivation to get back into the exercise I used to love so much. With Dianne's encouragement and motivation, I have been able to do just that. After beginning to exercise again, I began to clean up my eating. Now I have the pleasure of watching the pounds melt and watching my body find its shape again. If you are despairing at ever getting back into exercise again, you will benefit from this program. The results are beyond my wildest hopes. If I can do this, so can all of you!!!!"

-Mary Ann Kohli